Mental lift, holidays, good mood – a great atmosphere to break up bad habits and get new useful ones. Why is it that when millions of people make a promise to themselves to give up this addiction, they never reach their goal? There are many reasons for this. There are many new drugs to stop smoking, but not everyone decides to start taking them.

  1. Real Addiction. Officially, tobacco is not a drug, but the nicotine in cigarettes causes a serious addiction. Add about 40 other carcinogenic substances, and tobacco does not seem so harmless. Addiction can be psychological and physical. It is much more difficult to fight with the first one. Because of it smokers constantly put off the X-day and do to themselves an indulgence. The second is the cause of withdrawal syndrome, when it becomes bad physically without the next dose of nicotine. Physical dependence is formed gradually, but the initial stage of the smoker feels a burst of energy and improved mood. Gradually you have to increase the dose of nicotine and smoke more often, and quitting cigarettes causes anxiety and physical discomfort.
  2. The delayed effect. A pack of cigarettes won’t kill you today. Neither will tomorrow. The problem is that every smoker believes he or she will be spared these problems. But according to the United Nations, about 7 million deaths worldwide each year are in some way tobacco-related. Smoking can cause lung cancer, other cancers, cardiovascular diseases, damage the digestive and genitourinary systems, bones and teeth. All these things do not happen in one day, but every smoker, without a doubt, harms his body every day and not only him: the statistics of deaths from tobacco smoking increases by passive smoking.
  3. Affordability. The only limitation to the purchase of cigarettes is age, but this factor also depends on the seller’s conscientiousness. Measures in recent years have made it possible to hide cigarettes from supermarket windows and kiosks, but this does not solve the problem. The prices of tobacco products are still affordable.
  4. Socialization and association. Sharing cigarette breaks with colleagues and friends, informal conversations in smoking rooms, associations with the world of grown-up men in business suits, solving questions over a cigarette, the romanticization of cigarettes in cinematography – all this is deposited in the subconscious of the consumer and makes him try and then convince himself that nothing bad will happen. 

Returning statistics

Among the smoking population, about 70% want to give up the bad habit, only 40% of smokers take active measures, but only 5% manage to do it. The rest just give up and start smoking after only a couple of months. The nicotine is eliminated from the body up to 43 days, so a week spent without cigarettes does not mean that this addiction managed to get rid of.

Why you should quit smoking

When smoking, tar particles settle on the walls of the lungs and do not have time to be excreted by the body. Subsequently, harmful substances enter the bloodstream and poison the entire body. The consequences of smoking can be recurrent headaches, chronic fatigue, weakness, irritability, slow reaction time, absent-mindedness, and sleep disorders. Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriage and fetal abnormalities.

The undoubted benefits of quitting smoking will be:

  • The return of a keen sense of smell;
  • Easy breathing (no more shortness of breath);
  • reduction of anxiety;
  • sound sleep;
  • reduction of the risk of diseases, provoked by tobacco use.

Now it is very easy to buy diabetes medicine online or find medications to make it easier to quit smoking. You just have to find a specialized store and use its services.