A wedding photographer is an important part of your day as their job is to capture your story and create photographic memories you can look back on for a lifetime. That’s why choosing a wedding photographer is something to take seriously. I want you to choose me because you like my style and approach, and really care about the photography for your wedding. Most importantly, you need to like your wedding photographer. That’s why I always suggest meeting first via Skype, or in person if suitable, so we can chat about plans and get to know each other a little better; and this way you are more likely to feel comfortable with me. When clients say things such as “you were like a friend with a camera”, I know I have done my job correctly.

On the day itself, I am a friend but respectful as I document the story of your wedding day. I want you to feel comfortable with me and I strive to make everything as stress free as possible. I like making you laugh and do not want you to worry about the photographs. I will capture the day as it unfolds naturally, but will casually direct for the all important Bride & Groom portraits, any group photos you may want and also if I feel a beautiful image could be made better in a moment you’re in. The time we take for portraits will be pre-planned when I make a photography timeline a couple of months before the wedding just so no disruption is caused on the day. Ultimately, my overall goal is to capture your day in a relaxed, natural and stylish way.

“Most of all, remember I am there as your friend and want to get the best images I can for you in the most relaxed way. All you have to do is trust me.”