First answer your questions: with whom and why? Purpose of visiting a restaurant? What do you plan to do? A business meeting. Family dinner. Romantic dinner. Friendly meeting. It is necessary to collect information in advance. Find out through restaurant guides, guides, the Internet about the quality of service, as well as reviews, about the restaurant where you plan to go. Then call the restaurant. And do not forget to inquire in advance about the interior and size of the restaurant, as well as the contingent of visitors. You should also remember about the possibility to save your finances with discount gift cards online.

A positive fact for you will be the information that the restaurant is located not far from your home. If not, it is necessary to determine the route and transport in advance. Does the restaurant have a parking lot?  It is desirable that the parking is near the restaurant and is guarded. Is there live music in the restaurant? And will it be on the day when you are going to the restaurant?

Ask about the restaurant’s cuisine. What is it like?  American, Eastern, Italian, etc. Wine list. Ask in advance if the restaurant has the exact drinks that you will drink? Menu. How wide is the choice of dishes you are interested in the restaurant? Do not forget to ask about possible payment methods. Payment only for cash or at the restaurant accepts bank cards. Make a preliminary, joint agreement by phone, as well as a calculation of your future check at the restaurant. This way you will calculate your budget in advance and competently.

Make an order. It is necessary to make a reservation: date, time of reservation, number of people and write down the name of the person who made a reservation for you at the restaurant. Preliminary booking will help you to avoid unpleasant surprises, with no drinks or dishes, and most importantly, the price you agreed on in advance by phone.

Restaurant experts’ opinion

  1. To the restaurant with the whole family. The main factor for most of these consumers is the cost of dishes, and the quality of dishes in the restaurant takes second place. This is followed by the quality of service in the restaurant. A very important criterion when choosing a restaurant for family visits has a ventilation system and the proximity of the restaurant to the main pedestrian routes. Facility’s prestige and large choice of alcoholic beverages practically do not matter in this situation.
  2. Restaurant’s business meetings. When choosing a restaurant for a business meeting, the main factor is the quality of service, then the prestige of the restaurant, the noise level in the room. Then there is a wide choice of dishes and alcoholic beverages and their cost.
  3. A trip to the restaurant with friends. The main thing may be the preference for a large range of alcoholic beverages. Then comes the quality of dishes and their cost. And the prestige of the facility is paid little attention to.
  4. Romantic dinner.  Restaurant’s interior is in the first place. Then there is the type of cuisine, quality of dishes and service. Restaurant’s size, cost of dishes and drinks, as well as noise level are the least paid attention to.
  5. Banquet. When choosing a restaurant for a banquet the most important factors are: the cost of food, quality of service, the availability of ventilation, the size of the restaurant and the availability of parking near the restaurant. Not the main facts are the prestige of the place, the type of cuisine.

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