How often IT startups break down? Unfortunately, it happens more often than anyone expects. Why? Because as a rule, all that IT leaders have is just a great idea. They lack strategic planning, skilled teams, experience in both business and technological fields, so on. As a result, almost 90% of startups fail during the first year of their existence. How can you avoid this? Do not do everything on your own! Great ideas need proper implementation. Find mature, reliable outsourcing companies that provide IT services for startups and let them solve all the issues you have. Here we will discuss what benefits you will get when working with IT service providers and what services to look for exactly. 

Benefits of working with IT Services Provider

Here are the top benefits startups can get from IT services provider:

  • You get IT experts working on your particular issues and covering your organization’s custom tasks
  • You get performance increases through an advanced IT architecture designed and implemented by experts
  • You get responsive 24×7 support to quickly address any issues popping-up
  • You gain access to the latest IT monitoring and management toolsets that keep everything working
  • You reduce capital expenditures and get a fixed IT services budget
  • Your in-house team avoids toil and dealing with overwhelming challenges and can concentrate on more creative tasks
  • Your team gets all the necessary documentation and expertise to deal with similar tasks. 

What startup services can you get?

IT services providers can assist with: 

  • Advisory services. First of all, you can approach mature IT outsourcing companies to get consulting services. Service providers will help you refine the idea of your product. Their technology consulting also will help you prove to your investors you have a solid tech background.  
  • All possible IT services. IT outsourcing teams have experience with all stages of the startup lifecycle and deliver consulting services not only to startups but also to small businesses and global enterprises alike.
  • Existing infrastructure optimization. If your ongoing infrastructure has serious drawbacks, overgrown its time or has to be moved to the clouds, you can address these challenges to professional IT teams. Infrastructure optimization is needed to ensure top-notch efficiency of operations and ongoing startup software development. DevOps service providers will design and implement cloud infrastructure at any scale, supporting products and workflows from various industries.
  • Experts-outstaffing. As the product grows and new features have to be added, many startups find they require access to talents they cannot easily obtain. IT-outstaffing helps sort this out. 

Final thoughts

Each successful and reliable IT business was a startup once. It began with a brilliant idea and grew into something meaningful and important. But, at the same time, each startup has overcome a very thorny path to become a profitable business. Pretty often startup leaders lack experience, professional skills: technical and business, to deal with tough challenges they face after deciding to start a new project. In such a case, it would be helpful to turn to companies that provide IT services. It is not an easy way either. IT leaders need to invest much of their time, energy, and cash to cope with IT service providers as well. However, these efforts will pay off when you see your startup thriving in the near future.