When you’re looking for a wedding photographer, there are many factors that go into choosing the right one. These include price, experience, and style. You also need to consider if they have an in-person meeting or are available via phone/email, and if they offer an engagement photo shoot.

A Good Wedding Photographer Will Be a Trusted Resource

The best photographers are known for their professionalism, which means they’ll work hard to make sure your day goes smoothly and that you get the best photos possible. They’ll also be there to help you navigate any issues that arise on your big day and will have a winning personality so they can make the entire wedding party feel comfortable in front of the camera.

They’ll be able to give you advice on the lighting for your ceremony, reception, and portraits, so you can choose an ideal set-up and ensure your photos aren’t overshadowed by natural or artificial light. They’ll also be able to tell you how much time is needed for each part of the day.

Take the Time to Find Out About Their Style

Photography trends can be exciting, but they can also get stale fast, so it’s important to find out if your photographer’s style is truly what you want for your wedding. This doesn’t mean that they have to be up on all of the latest fashion trends; instead, it’s more about finding a style that speaks to your personal aesthetic and what will appeal to future generations of you and your family.

A great way to do this is to view a full gallery of their work, which should include real weddings they’ve photographed. This will show you their full range of images, from family portraits to reception detail shots, and allow you to get a sense of how their style is in general.

You should also look at a couple’s portfolio to see how they’ve worked with different types of clients. This will give you an idea of their approach to different styles of weddings, and allow you to see how they interact with couples, allowing you to gauge how well you’ll click with them on the wedding day.

Be Patient With Your Clients

The entire process of wedding planning can be stressful, so if your clients are feeling nervous or uncomfortable during the photography session, you may need to provide some extra direction to get the best results. Taking the time to ensure they’re comfortable in front of the camera will help you capture more natural-looking shots, and it will be an experience your clients will appreciate.

Be Bold to Capture Key Moments

Whether it’s the flower girl twirling down the aisle or the bride and groom first kissing, it’s important to be in the right position at the right time to get those “WOW!” moments. It’s also important to capture a variety of expressions from guests and your clients.

It’s easy to get caught up in the details of the wedding day, but it’s equally important to be present in every moment to ensure you’re telling a cohesive story. For example, if you notice a lot of guests dancing during the reception dinner, be sure to snap a few quick portraits of them as a group.